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Posted: April 12th, 2020

An Odd Time To Launch

The world is a bit bonkers at the moment. We're almost a month into the Covid-19 shut-down as I type this. It's late on a Sunday night, and normally I'd be concerned with getting to sleep for a busy Monday morning at the radio station I work at. But there's nothing normal about the current state of things. While I never considered my life to be quite normal to begin with, I'm pretty sure this breaks any sort of standard I ever imagined.

I started the Tonetracer project in January of 2020. Needless to say, I've been granted a lot more time to crunch on all the details. In mid-March, I kept telling myself that I should wait till we're on the way OUT of this ordeal before going live. I figured a bunch of fancy educational guitar reference material just seems a bit silly compared to all the other heavy subjects on everyone's minds. After all, who cares about learning new guitar chords while the world is on fire? But then I realized just how much guitar I had been playing during the covid-chaos. I've actually put in a fantastic amount of practice time, and then it hit me: This might be just the thing somebody needs.

That's when I decided to launch Tonetracer ASAP. After all, we need things to keep our spirits up. For those of us who have hobbies we can enjoy at home, there's no better time to endulge in the things we love to do. I know for me, playing guitar is an outlet. I can easily unplug from the real world, while I plug into an amp, and burn away some pent up anxiety and frustration. I'm sure our favorite instrument is a bit like therapy for many of us. Truth be told, the guitar has probably saved my life a few times. I know it has kept my sanity in check at the very least. And who knows? There's probaby some new players who are just starting with the instrument while locked down at home. So maybe this is a perfect time to offer up the downloadable goodies on this website.

Hang in there guys.

I hope everyone is doing well. At least as well that can be expected. I hope everyone reading this is in good health, and doing whatever they need to keep those stress levels down. My heart goes out to the gigging musicans out there who need those live events so they can pay the bills. Things are challenging enough for live musicians without a virus complicating everything. So grab some packs off my site, and work on some new guitar stuff. Learn some new chord voicings, or try building some new riffs in a mode you've never explored. Perhaps you might even take a crack at writing your own song with some help from my SongCraft pack. Just get lost in making some music while we wait for things to settle back down. Just hang in there guys. Normal will return at some point - and we may never take a little boredom for granted again. Be safe out there!

Oh yeah.....wash your hands. And wipe those strings down. :)

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