Love guitar? Me too.

I made some awesome stuff to help guitarists learn.
Now I'm giving it all away.

100% Vector. 100% Free.

Professionaly crafted guitar reference packs. Designed for print - or keep them on your device.

Oh, you like songwriting?

Then you'll love my Song Craft Pack. Explore any key, in every mode. It's the ultimate starting point.

The next level for guitar reference.

100% Vector

I built these reference packs from the ground up for high quality printing. Every item is designed in vector format, so all the content is razor sharp - no matter the size. No blurry JPGs to be found.

Learn Faster

The most common chord shapes, and the easiest to make. There's multiple scale views to visually connect the dots. Chords, scales, and modes are all color coded and consistant to help you keep things sorted.

Frequently Updated

Every page includes a version number. If there's a mistake, I'll fix it fast - and post an updated download with a new version number. Bookmark this site and check back soon for more downloadable goodies! 

Ready to Learn?

Here's the Latest Packs:

The Insta-12 Pack

Insta-12 PackYou've just found the ultimate movable chord resource.

This pack covers all the slidable and movable chord shapes you'll ever need. Organized by chord family and color coded. Pick any shape and instantly learn twelve chords. Expand your chord knowledge quickly, with multiple voicing options.

The Scale Hacker Pack

Scale Hacker PackYou've never seen scale charts like these before. Unlock the fretboard.

Starting with the five basic shapes that cover twelve frets, this is the ultimate scale reference guide. See how they all link together. Learn how the same scale shapes unlock all seven modes of the major scale. Consistent designs that visually make sense!

The Song Craft Pack

Song Craft PackAn amazing launching point for all your songwriting.

Tired of all the "seven basic chords for each key" guides? Me too. That's why I made this. Here's all the basic triad options in EVERY mode, and how they work together to define a key. All 24 keys are here. Borrow chords with confidence.