The Scale Hacker Pack

II: The Scale Hacker Pack

UPDATED: April 12th, 2020 v1.4

You've never seen a guitar scale resource quite like this. The basic five box positions are covered in detail, including the simplified five-note pentatonic variations. There are unique visual examples showing these shapes in isolation, as well as how they all "plug-in together" to cover the fretboard. Each box contains at least one Anchor Point. Using the MAPS (Modal Anchor Point System) method, these anchor points allow you to quickly setup all the box positions in any of the natural seven modes. Modes are also broken down in detail, with a guide on what they change, and how to access them using the same five boxes. Hit the button below to download the whole pack as a single PDF file.

Note: To use the Insta-12 or Scale Hacker Packs, you'll need to know the notes of the lowest strings of the guitar (especially the Low-E String!). If you need some help with memorizing those notes, check out these handy guides:

Learning the Notes of the Low-E String v1.4

Learning the Notes of the A String v1.4

Just need a single part?

If you only need a specific section of the pack, I've seperated the pages out into individual links below. If you need to update a page, just check the version number in the top right corner.

NOTE: This Pack is currently under devlopment! Links showing a line strike-through will download a placeholder PDF. Check back soon!

Scale Hacker Introduction v1.4

The 5 Boxes Overview v1.4

The Pentatonic Scale Overview v1.4

The MAPS System Explained v1.4

Box 1 Breakdown v1.4

Box 2 Breakdown v1.4

Box 3 Breakdown v1.4

Box 4 Breakdown v1.4

Box 5 Breakdown v1.4

Natural 7 VS Pentatonic Shapes v1.4

5 Box Map Expanded View (Full 7 Note Scale)v1.4

5 Box Map Extended (Pentatonic Scale) v1.4

The Power of Blue Notes v1.4

Blue Notes within Pentatonic Boxes (seperate view) v1.4

5 Box Map Expanded View (with Blue Notes) v1.4

ParaSliding (Part 1: Overview) v1.4

ParaSliding (Part 2: The Slide) v1.4

ParaSliding (Part 3: The Box Stack) v1.4

Modes Overview v1.4

Modes: Ionian v1.4

Modes: Dorian v1.4

Modes: Phrygian v1.4

Modes: Lydian v1.4

Modes: Mixolydian v1.4

Modes: Aeolian v1.4

Modes: Locrian v1.4

Extended Scales: Harmonic Minor v1.4

Extended Scales: Melodic Minor v1.4

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Tonetracer Packs use the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. All modern browsers will have the ability to natively open these documents as soon as you select a link. This also includes mobile browsers (such as mobile Safari on an iPhone or iPad). You can also print directly from your browser. I've taken care of the technical stuff, so there's no need to worry about margins or "scale to fit" options. Just print and enjoy! All packs use Adobe Acrobat version 8 specifications. 

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